Kingonyebuchi4422, 20000319, Owerri, Imo, Nigeria

I need a serious relationship and I'm 20 years old if you are interested in me just chat me up don't forget that am from Nigeria I don't need fake friends I am a guy with good heart friendly to everybody lovely and caring human being I don't have a work

hello friends my name is Kingsley onyebuchi from Nigeria and I don't have money a just finished my secondary School am 20 years old an average guy I love making friends but boys and girls I love watching TV my favorite color is red and black my favorite food is rice and chicken we are four boys and one girl I love playing with my family and friends am a bad guy with a good heart and ugly boy with lovely life after me nah me am aim of opening this greekdatingnet is for me to find a serious r…

brock12124, 19841012, Mielec, Podkarpackie, Poland


Love who love you. Been in love is not just from the mouth or from the lips but from the bottom of your ❤️ heart, I wish I find my soulmate here and show love to her and prove to here that's I'm a real man I can be the man behind her smile and responsibility I wish I was loved. I know it so hard to find true love but I believe true love still exist no matter how far he/she is far from each other ,,,,,,,, want to be the most happiness man on Earth true love open the heart of joy and hon…

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