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Just my Life. With my team. On conflict and mediation. Facts finding. Conflict resolution is conceptualized as the methods and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of conflict and retribution. Committed group members attempt to resolve group conflicts by actively communicating information about their conflicting motives or ideologies to the rest of group (e.g., intentions; reasons for holding certain beliefs) and by engaging in collective negotiation.[1] Dimensions of resolutio…

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I am Souza Patrick looking for a serious relationship that will end up in marriage because I have no family to talk to, I want m y own family since my parents are all dead remaining only me in this world, the only family I have now is my military colleagues .I am a very open minded person, someone who accepts people as they are, I am a fair individual who adapts to changes in life and enjoys life to the fullest,and looking to meet a woman that i can spend the rest of my life with in good times a…

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